Half Night Of Prayer

Our first Half Night of Prayer after two and a half years was amazing!

Seeing the families and old friends come together in non-stop prayer and Worship was a powerful experience!

Newcomers High Tea

As it is our custom, we held the Newcomers High Tea meeting, where we welcome new people who had joined Doha Fellowship recently. This is the opportunity for them to meet the Elders and other members,

ask questions, receive literature about the Church and even have the opportunity to join the Open Home near to where they live. Meeting was a great success with over 75 people attending.

Dave Wallen's visit

After many delays, we finally had a visit from Dave and Cathy Wallen, a couple that planted Doha Fellowship 24 years ago! Dave is an apostolic father of our church, and he was greatly missed in 2,5 years since he was here last time.

We had the opportunity to listen to him on Sunday, Tuesday and all 3 weekend services, and he also ordained a new Eldership couple and had the opportunity to lay hands and pray for 3 eldership couples that were ordained last year over Zoom.

Easter Show

On April 17th we’ve held our annual Easter Show at 5 and then again at 7PM. Church was full to the last seat with over 1100 people attending!

It was the night of worship, remembrance of what Jesus did for us on Easter Sunday and the night of Joy! We are so happy for many newcomers to the church that came and visited us. Make sure you watch EASTER SHOW video that we’ve also produced!

Worship Night

On May 27th we’ve held Worship Night event where we gathered for an evening of non-stop worship and prayer.

Make sure you also watch WORSHIP NIGHT video!

2022 - Year In Review

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