Family Picnic - March

After almost one year of watching online church and not seeing each other in person, we organized a family picnic in Al Bidda park as soon as the parks opened in Qatar.

Although limited in many ways, only standing in small groups and masked all the time, it was amazing to meet old friends again, chat, laugh and experience that feeling of togetherness and family for which Doha Fellowship is famous for.

Stage Redesign - April

In the midst of the pandemic we found, that with all of our services moving online, we needed to up our game of what we were doing and where we were producing from. We wanted to create the look that looked little bit more professional and modern, as the original stage was built for live meetings and not for camera and filming.

Upgrade came through some ideas of Mladen, Clifton, John Mark, Nicole and others.

In May 2021 we did the Church Planters Conference, so this new look served well for it too

Church Planters Conference - May

At the heart of the Doha Fellowship has always been the Apostolic Call. “To be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the Earth”. Church Planters Conference was the exact response to this call of God upon us. With the restrictions of travel for all our international friends and partners, the Online CPP was built out of that. We realized that we can still go to the Nations, we can still build and equip, but we can do it from our studio in Doha. The friends that partnered with us in preaching, an unbelievable group of people from around the world: we had an Evangelist, we had an Apostle, we had two Church planters, in fact all of those men who taught at the Conference had planted churches themselves and are Ephesians 4 gifted men.

We had the Testimonies from around the world from guys planting churches currently, like guys in Portugal, Dubai, etc. Conference was well attended and we’re trusting that there will be much fruit from it.

You can view all sessions of the conference in our AV GALLERY section of the website.

We also used this opportunity to bring on 3 new eldership couples, Francisco and Yvonne, Antonios and Angel, and Solomon and Susha. Dave Wallen, who is a founding father of Doha Fellowship, an Apostle and Ephesians 4 gift to us ordained them into the Ministry as Elders, and this was a great celebration

Newcomers High Tea - September

With the start of the new season and the Church slowly reopening, we felt we should host an event where the newcomers could come. We haven’t had such opportunity in a long time. We invited everyone that joined us in the past year and a half for a high tea.

We had about 50 newcomers from literally all around the world – Singapore, England, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, China Kenya, South Africa, India etc – they were from everywhere.

Services Restarting - late summer onwards

When the Pandemic started to become manageable in Qatar, government allowed the Religious Complex to be open for worship. Doha Fellowship in its endevour to move beyond just LiveStreaming our services, started with having Prayer Meetings in the Anglican Centre. They were allowed to have up to 150 people to meet so we took the opportunity to start having the prayer meetings there. Slowly but surely we graduated from that to having Prayer Meetings within the Doha Fellowship, and then eventually to restart the Services within the confines of the rules given to the Religious Centre.

So, we started with under 100 people , then moved to 150. Now (this being written in November), we’re close to 300 people, which is still considerably less than 50% of the capacity given to the Religious Centre. It’s been phenomenal, people started coming who haven’t seen each other for year and a half, it has been wonderful to rebuild the Church community.

Visit to Dubai - October

Part of the call of Doha Fellowship is to serve other Churches in the region and countries in the world God calls us to. One of our partners in the Region is the church called City Lights in Dubai.

Dan and Stala who recently celebrated their 10th year of leading the Church invited Rob and Helette to come and minister to them for a weekend and attend their leadership conference called “Lead 21”

Themba South Africa - October

Themba is the Church that was planted in 2013 by the eldership couple from Doha Fellowship called Gavin and Louise.  After 8 years they felt it was the time to hand over the leadership of the Church and they’re relocating to the nation of Uzbekistan.

Taking over from them is the couple called Jason and Joanne Watkinson in partnership with One Life Church in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa through our relationship with Grant Crowford who leads One Life.

A Night With The King - Ladies Event - October

Doha Fellowship had Ladies Ministry for many years. Currently, Nicole Van Eck leads that Ministry and they generally meet on Wednesday morning. They felt in the rebuilding of the Church after the Pandemic they wanted to have some events where they could meet and celebrate.

Nicole and her Team came up with the event “Night with the King” and more than 200 ladies came together worshiping together, praying together, prophesying together, fellowshipping together and it was an amazing event.

Young Adults Picnic - November

We always had many young people that have been a part of the congregation. Many of them come as single teachers, working for Qatar Airways, or other vocations but they don’t have family here.

Young Adults picnic was the event where all those guys could come together, mostly singles, but also young couples and met others of similar age from across the city and across the nations.

Desert STEAKOUT - December

Men’s Ministry organized a get-together for the men in the Church.

Event was well attended with great over 170 men. Fellowship, worship and food were had until late night

Young Adults Christmas Dinner

After very successful Young Adult Picnic, same group organized Young Adults Christmas Dinner

The event was great success with 60 attendees. Church elders were preparing and serving the food

Cross Culture Christmas Dinner

The Cross Culture  youth celebrated Christmas together with an amazing night of fun and a three course dinner provided by parents.

We also said goodbye to Josh, one of our youth leaders, who leaves soon to move abroad to study.

Christmas Carols

As it is our tradition, we had Christmas Carols celebrations in DF. All three performances were full with our members as well as their guests. Ava, Josh and Merlyn entertained us as actors, and amazing worship band lead by Andrea performed various worship Christmas Classics.

On the last evening, we were also honored with visits from His Excellency Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, as well as the diplomats from the US embassy.

You can watch the full video from Christmas Carols HERE

2121 - A Year in Review

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