Hindi Dinner - January

Doha Fellowship planted Hindi-speaking fellowship in 2006 , as an outreach to the Indian and Nepali Christians in the city. In January, just before the pandemic,

they had a meeting together which really was the celebration of Christmas, start of the new year, and friendship. It was a feast to remember!

New Open Homes - January

Part of the DNA of Doha Fellowship is to multiply and to apply pastoral care throughout the City. One of the ways we do that is through the planting of Open Homes which is Small groups of people from DF all around the city meeting in people’s homes.

Leaders are trained and equipped to welcome other believers into their homes, to reach out to others and to serve the Church as it is within the Doha Fellowship. Here we got to celebrate the planting of the new Open Homes in January last year

Half Night Of Prayer - January

Over the years we’ve been having half-nights of prayer, normally once a year – sometimes more, sometimes less. In these phenomenal powerful events 300-400 believers come together

praying from 7PM to midnight together, prophesying together and really spending extended time together in prayer to hear from God, listen to God and get ministered from God.

Ladies Desert Camp - February

As part of the Ladies ministry, events are organized throughout the year on a regular basis, and just before the Pandemic, they were able to celebrate without knowing what was coming. They went and had a camp out on Friday night and Saturday together in the desert,

ministering to each other and having Hellete and Nicole minister with many others supporting. It was a great fellowship time – men were taking care of the food catering and children, while ladies got to be with each other and with the King

Apostolic trip to Nepal - February

Rob got to take a team to Navraj and Shanti who lead a church Giering, near Pokhara in Nepal. This must be trip no. 15 over the years where Navraj planted the church from Doha Fellowship in 2009

This time Rob got to spend time with him and the Leaders, training and equipping guys in the Ministry

Apostolic Trip to India - February

Stan and Rhoda got to lead the trip of believers to Jeeva and Susan’s church in Khutageeri in Tamil Nadu. A group of DF members went to help leaders in their work and strengthen believers there.

We get more impacted during these trips than the churches we visit, and these guys came back with unbelievable stories of trecking through the jungle, climbing mountains, and leading many to Christ.

Going Online - March to December

Who could have known what would happen and what would the impact of coronavirus pandemic be? Since March 6th, we first gathered to broadcast an online service, we went through an incredibly challenging time. Church was closed for nearly 18 months! From March through December we had to learn how to preach from an empty church, hotel rooms, lounges, and homes worldwide. Everything went online. We filmed our worship team sometimes from the empty church, and then when even gathering of 5 people wasn’t allowed, acoustic from homes. Doha Fellowship had to go to the whole new digital age of how to minister to it’s people.

It was a challenging time, but even when it looked like the enemy wanted to shut us down, God was still building his Church. We are so grateful that God gave us the gifts – Mladen for the video side, John Mark for the worship, their teams who came to serve around these gifts, Jasheel who’s job changed dramatically, and who was really welcoming people who faithfully continued to bring their tithes and offerings.

It was rich and challenging but the richest of times.

IMPACT Conference - November

In the midst of the pandemic crisis one of the things we lost was the ability to host our regular IMPACT conference which we last had in 2018, for our 20th birthday. This year we felt that God had called us to hold the conference online.

God gave us gifts of Video and Sound specialists in the church, and Ephesians 4 gifted men – Terry Virgo from England, Garry Morgan from Australia with his incredible prophetic gift, RT Kendall, famous world-wide renown author and teacher from US, and Ian McKeller, church planter and leader from Singapore to minister to us over these two days.

We estimated tens of thousands of viewers worldwide across the sessions and the Church in Doha was immeasurably strengthened at that time. We were blessed and may many more events like this happen in the future.

With this, we’ve also discovered what it is like to host an event online. Not just Friday church, but much broader event with global reach. You can watch all sessions of this conference in AV GALLERY section of this website.

2020 - Year in review

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