Ashley Bell visit

Doha Fellowship has always had Ephesians 4 gifted men and women come and minister to its people.

The purpose of the Ephesians 4 gift is to equip the local church and the leaders of the local church.

Ashley and Nadene Bell lead a church in Johannesburg, South Africa. They have planted 40+ church around the world. They came as invited friends to minister over a week to the Doha Fellowship.

Athens Greece

Doha Fellowship together with Illias and Voula planted a church in Athens, Greece and have regularly sent teams over the years to go, minister, equip and train. Dave and Cathy regularly train and would fly across Athens to train Illias, Voula and their leaders. This trip in 2019 was one of the representation of that. We probably had a privilege as a church to send 10 -12 teams in Athens over the years.

The church is planted amongst the Syrian and Iraqi refugees that have fled persecution in their areas. Hundreds of other faiths have come to Christ in Greece because of this. From here, leaders will be planted to plant churches right across the earth.

Dave Wallen visit

Dave Wallen, planting  father of the Doha Fellowship along with his wife Cathy Wallen came to minister, teach and train the Doha Fellowship and its leaders on this visit.

He is the planting father and he was here from the beginning and regularly comes back in to equip the believers here in Doha.


We love having events as we love celebrating things on the church calendar.

Christmas and Easter are celebrated every year.

Visit from Elias and Voula

Illias and Voula planted a church in Athens. Came to tell their story in Doha, a testimony of how the work has progressed amongst the refugees in Greece.

Profound things have happened in this ministry which has impacted regions and countries beyond.

Family Day - Movie Night

The youth of Doha Fellowship, Cross Culture hosted a movie night were they were able to raise some funds. Many people came to this and have come to many movie nights we had over the years.

. It was always a great time of eating, fellowship and enjoying uplifting movies that will strengthen us.

Fusion Church - India

Doha Fellowship loves the nations and has travelled to the subcontinent of India many times over the years. One of our partners is a church called Fusion, planted in New Delhi by Tony and Linda Johnson and now led by Abhishek and Anu.

Stanley and Rhoda took a team of guys to Fushion Church to go and minister to them here at this time and be a blessing sent from Doha to bless the church in India.

Half Night Prayer

Half nights of prayer are held regularly where the believers come together and pray from 7pm to midnight. Amazing to see 400 people and in some occasions we even had 500 people

coming together to pray for a half a night together, prophesy and hear from God. God strengthened his church and advances his kingdom in this time.

Mark Von Pletzen visit - Man's Black Tie Event

There is a Men’s ministry here in Doha Fellowship whereby men come together several times a year with the purpose of fellowshipping, building friendship and being strengthened.

Mark Von Pletzen came from Cape Town

with team of men to come and minister to the Doha Fellowship and have one of his Elders, Quinton share his testimony with us this time. 200 men came together for a black tie event at the Al Sharq Hotel whereby great time was had by all.

Sri Lanka

Kevin, Nicole, Merlyn and Alex took a team from the Doha Fellowship up to Trincomalee to be with Jonathan and the church that he leads right up to the northeast coast of Sri lanka.

This was the Doha Fellowship’s 5th trip there over the years and God did profound things amongst the believers in Sri Lanka and strengthened the friendship with the local church.

Themba RSA

Doha Fellowship has sent many teams down to Themba Church in South Africa. Helette got to lead a team of ladies down to Themba to be with Gavin and Louise and with Bonney in 2019 to strengthen the church and to serve them. Rhoda got to train up ladies to sew in the whole craft center.

A new business has been birthed there in Themba called, Themba Creation where they make cushions, table cloths oven mitts and so many others. People are being lifted out of poverty and jobs are being created. The church has been strengthened and many have been blessed through this endeavor. We love to see what God is doing in the nations amongst the poor.

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