Hindi Service Dinner

Jomon Sarah and Jit lead the Hindi service

and these are pictures from their Christmas celebration.


Mark and Sharon Steyn planted and lead a church in Perth Australia. They have been partnering with us as the Doha fellowship since 2015 and we have sent teams on a regular basis to them to help train and equip them and their church for ministry.

John Mark and Keren also went to train them on sessions around worship.

Craig Clark

Craig Clark visited us in February 2018. He leads the Church along with his wife Andy in Midrand South Africa and came to minister to us.

Craig is an Ephesians 4 evangelist and church planter and a prophetic builder of the church.

Ian McKellar

Ian MCkellar is an Ephesians 4 gifted teacher of the word. He leads a church called the church of joy in Singapore and is a profound teacher of things around the kingdom.

Ian and Noella, his wife, came to be with us for week to strengthen the Doha Fellowship.

Visit to Cyprus

Dean and Donna vargesen planted a church in the turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Doha fellowship had been sending teams from the early days to go and help train, equip and strengthen the church leaders and its people

Kevin and Nicole traveled to impart something of their heart and gifting around the prophetic in the church.

Family Christmas

Doha fellowship loves events. Christmas is always celebrated in many ways. This year we were able to have a Christmas bazaar.

There was markets and all sorts of crafts and fairs where people from the church could buy and sell lots of things, followed by Christmas carols and celebration.

IMPACT Conference

In 2018 Doha fellowship celebrated its 20th birthday as a church and was able to host our impact conference alongside the celebrations. On the 24th of September 1998 the church was planted,and we celebrated this time together with a conference held at the westin hotel. We had friends from around the world traveling in to come and be with us. We had apostolic men and women and Ephesians 4 gifts to the church coming to minister to us. RT Kendall, Rory Dyer, Terry Virgo and Rob Botha ministered to around 2500 people.

The celebration on the Friday was way beyond what we could ever imagine and the conference throughout the weekend was powerful with kingdom results all over the place. Collectively between them, the preachers at the conference had more than 160 years of church leading ministry and it was a profound celebration. Many traveled in from the nations, from India, Nepal, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Greece, Switzerland, France, UK, America, Nigeria, Egypt,etc. Friends and family traveled to come and be with us and it was a time to remember.

Fusion Church - India Family Camp

Every year for the last 5 years (apart from the pandemic) Doha Fellowship has sent elders to go and minister to Fusion church in New Delhi and their annual family camp. This year Clifton and Sarah, Stan and Rodha took a team to go and minister to the church at this camp.

It was a profound time of ministry with many friendships bonds and kingdom relationships strengthened at this time.

Men's Breakfast

As part of the men’s ministry in Doha Fellowship we have several events a year where all the men come together to celebrate God.

We had a breakfast worth 200 odd men who came to strengthen one another. Lots of bacon and sausages were consumed on that day!

Nagaland - India

Tony and Linda Johnson are partners of the Doha Fellowship for more than 20 years. Tony from New Zealand and Linda from South Africa, planted a church in India nearly 30 years ago up in Missouri up in the north. After this they planted another church in New Delhi (Fusion church).

After handing over, they then planted a new church called Fusion Nagaland. Rob and Hellette got to lead a team for the new church plant to strengthen, train, equip and partner together in the gospel.

Nepal - Water Pump Installation

In 2015 a major earthquake struck Nepal. With this disaster, many of our friends from the hindi service and those who lead churches in Nepal were impacted by this. Merlyn and Brendon took a first trip to explore what can be done and in 2015 we sent a team with friends and partners to rebuild 300 homes in Nepal.

In 2018, alot of the repairs had to be redone and one of things that needed to done was to upgrade the water supply systems for the village that we had rebuilt. Robin mace took a team to complete this task. He joined Pooran and many friends from here to reinstall the entire village water supply through the funds offered by men and women from the church.

Nepal Pokhara

At the end of 2017, Rob and Merlyn took a trip to navraj in Pokrah where we had a small conference and training time at the church in Giring.

Ram and Durga came up from Varanasi in India and several others came from across Nepal to be with us and the local church. It was a time training equipping and lots of friendship and eating.


Rob and Ellen who were deacons in Doha Fellowship planted a church in Geneva when God moved them on to Switzerland for work purposes.

They opened up their home and saw a church established. Rob and Dave lead a trip to minister and equip the church during this time.


In a small city called Udon Thani in the north of Thailand amongst the Isan people, Barry and Liz from south Africa planted a church. We have been connected with them through friendships over the years and have been able to send many teams.

Some to do football camps and others to ministry and training of the leaders and to help the church be established in Thailand. In this trip many got saved.

Varnasi - India

Jomon and Sarah lead a team to Ram and Durga near to Varanasi. Ram was a deacon in Doha Fellowship and left to plant a church in his village just outside of Varanasi in India. This is considered to be the capital of Hinduism where the river Ganges flows and people come to bury their dead to attain nirvana.

Ram and Durga were the first Christians in their village. During this trip, demons fled, sick were healed and the gospel was preached.


Kevin and Nicole lead a trip to Zimbabwe to Bulawayo as a training time to Wesse and Sumin who lead a church here.

Kevin has been friends with Wesse since Bible College days and this church called king’s church is doing profound things in the nation of Zimbabwe.

Life Changers

Rob and Helette got to minister at a faith conference at life changers church in cape Town over 3 days with Mark and Karen who are dear friends and partners of Doha Fellowship.

This conference was attended by around 400 people and God did profound things.

Themba RSA

In 2018 Easter, a big team was sent to Themba church for a crusade with Kier and Carrie Taylor.

Over these 4 days we saw many getting saved and healed. The church was strengthened, and the kingdom advanced.

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