In 2015, Ilias and Voula started the church in Athens and by 2016 Doha Fellowship started sending regular teams to support them. This team was lead by Rob and Hellete, with Jomon and Sarah and a few others.

It was a profound time with people being rescued from the harbour and from the streets, standing where Paul stood when he prayed over Athens in the book  of Acts, chapter 17 & 18.


We had Oscar Night in June when All the leaders said “lets all dress up and we had a red carpet event” and we had a great meal and dinner where the youth of the church served the Leaders.

Lots of fun, lots of colour, lots of eating.

Sri Lanka

John Mark and Keren lead a team of 17 people from Doha Fellowship to Sri Lanka. They went right up to Trinkamili right up in the North

Over there they ministered in Jonathan’s church along with David, a dear friend of DF who accompanied them throughout the trip.

Terry Virgo visit

Terry Virgo followed up his visit from 2015 when he was in Doha for the IMPACT conference and came for an apostolic visit to us as a church. Terry is a father who started an international movement which had planted over 1000 churches around the world

He is also a world renowned scholar, and him and his wonderful wife Wendy came to be with us as Doha Fellowship to impart their lives as apostolic fathers to the church worldwide


In 2015 and 2016 our work in Thailand extended in support of Berry and Lizzy’s church plant in Udhentani. First, we set up a football camp with Dale, Josh and Mikhail and a few other guys going out and having a blast as an outreach to the community and where many young men gave their lives to Jesus.

This was followed up a few months later with Rob and Hellete leading a team with Samson, Candace and others to go minister at the Church, to strengthen and equip. Through these apostolic trips, Thailand became an open door to the Doha Fellowship, for which we are very grateful for.


Several trips were made and several teams went to Themba in this year. Fidelis and Clare lead a team, Rob and Hellette lead a team

There was an incredible generous offering from one of the businessmen at the Doha Fellowship who donated 150 solar panels with chargers, lights, little power kits which the guys used to bless the community and help people escape from poverty.

New Elders

Rory Dyer came to ordain new elders within the Doha Fellowship. Stan and Rhoda from India, Dave and Barbara from USA, John Mark and Keren from South Africa were added to the Eldership team and really added so much life and so much blessing to the eldership team.

Rory travelling to Doha to ordain and pray elders into the office is an example of apostolic men praying over elders just like in the early church.

Satal, India - Family Camp

Doha Fellowship had for several years now sent teams to Delhi – Fusion Church.

Kevin and Nicole along with a team were sent to Satal, at the foothills of the Himalayas, for the Fussion Church family Camp to minister to them.

Rodney Howard-Browne visit

RHB is a world-renowned Ephesians 4 gifted evangelist, and leads the Church in Tempa Bay Florida called The River. Rodney came and ministered to us. It was a powerful week of Ministry, more than 100 people were on record to get saved that week

Many were filled with the Holy Spirit and our levels of faith rose as Rodney came to impart something of the faith he carries to many others. Rodney is a controversial figure, but he is powerful and The Spirit is using him around the world


Rob and Hellen who were deacons in Doha Fellowship moved to Switzerland and started the Church “Red Door City Church”.

Rob and Helette went and visited them to help them with the foundation of the church


Rob and Helette went to Australia to be with Mark and Sharon first in Perth in Cross Culture Church and ministered there for a week.

They also went down to see Shawn and Marella, ex deacons from the Doha Fellowship, who lead a church in Hobart, Tasmania, just to support them in the key time in their lives and it was a powerful time.


As is the case every year, many deacons were added to Doha Fellowship.

Young and old, from every corner of the Earth. As God adds leaders to His church, the Church grows.


Bridges is a non-profit organization of the church that was planted in Athens by Ilias and Voula. Dave and Cathy were part of the board in Bridges. In these pictures we celebrate the many who were baptized there, in the Mediterranian.

Hany and Maggo, who just planted the Arabic speaking church Beit Raja in Doha joined David and Cathy on this trip

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