Gavin and Louise sending

Gavin and Louise who served on the eldership team with Rob & Helette, were sent out to go and plant a church in a distant valley of Kwazulu – Natal in South Africa. This church became Themba church on the 4/03/2013
They had served faithfully first in Dave and Cathy’s team and the. Rob & Helette’s from 2004


Hany and Ross were ordained as elders to serve alongside Rob and the team by Rory after in 2012. Together with Debbie and Mago alongside them, the eldership team grew and God added.


This grouping of photos actually include more than ine trip to Navraj and Ashanti in Ghiring !

Powerful, powerful days of preaching in the chicken coup and under the trees in Ghiring. God is faithful and was building there and here, as we went and sent teams. The Apostolic is always part of His plan.

Nations Day

Another nations day – so powerful !


We sent out several teams that year to India . Gavin took a tram of the DF youth to visit Tony and Linda in Delhi followed by a white water rafting trip down the Ganges near Rishikish! It was incredible .

Merlyn and Paul Wykes supported Tony and Michael Eaton on a powerful trip to Nagaland that same year , preaching to hundreds of Baptist Pastors at a conference on Grace and the Holy Spirit .
These were the early days of sowing seed into Tony and Linda’s Church plant today in Nagaland

Kids Church Christmas

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