The handover of leadership from Dave & Cathy to Rob & Helette Botha on the 22/04/2011
Rob & Helette had served as part of Dave & Cathy’s team from September 2005.

Rory Dyer, Mike Eltringham and Tony Johnson – Apostolic men- ordained Rob into office as lead elder .

A new chapter in the life of the DF had begun.


Some friends of those early days – RT Kendall on his first visit , Mike & Charmaine Eltringham , Louise , Terry Banken Mulambwa and Rutendo & Shamshad visiting from Pakistan

Sri Lanka

Helette took a team of ladies on an Apostolic trip with Dave Ganeshingalem to Nuwara Eliyaa … they saw deliverances , salvations, healings of a cripple and the power of God bring freedom to many
Helette , Alex, Julie, Debrah and Claire


Wessel and Jit were ordained as part of the eldership team by Tom Tapping – an Apostolic nam from Perth Australia.

Wessel is now in Perth serving with Mark and Sharon and Jit leads the Hindi service with Jomon and Sarah


Gavin and Merlyn took a trip to Navraj in Ghiring … helping build the new plant near Pokhara.
It took six hours through the mud to get to Navraj on a trip that in a dry day takes 1&1/2 hours!!!
Big were the spiders and great as the power of God!

Navraj planted out from the Hindi service in Doha Fellowship

Nations Day

We had out First Nations day celebration all the nations and cultures in the Oasis for all Nations – The Doha Fellowship

Stunning dress ups – so much fun!

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